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When I was a full time band director, I would sometimes feel overwhelmed realizing that right after the holidays I would need to have music selected and ready to start preparing for band contest/assessment. I often asked my colleagues for recommendations, however often the music that was recommended was not always a good fit for my band. I would have loved to have a resource like this to help me narrow down possible contest music based on my band's strengths and weaknesses so the kids would have the best opportunity for success.

A basic membership costs $40.00 per year (including Texas state sales tax). The purpose of the membership fee is to support our goal to help as many band directors and students as possible, and music education in general. is an enormous undertaking, requiring countless hours to create the database and website, review music, notate useful information, find helpful resources online to save you time, and more to help all band directors, music educators and music programs.

As a paid member, you will have access to the following:

  1. Editor’s Choice selections
  2. View the Most Programmed pieces
  3. View Multi-movement pieces
  4. Links to Scores and Recordings as available
  5. Unlimited searches
    Paid members will get to choose from the following search criteria to quickly narrow down their searches to find appropriate pieces for their ensemble:
    1. Preferred time signatures
    2. Preferred key signatures
    3. Preferred solo instruments
    4. Performance time preferences
    5. Instrumentation strengths
    6. Instrumentation weaknesses
  6. and of course, all of the Free Features below.

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Note that only the majority of Grade 1 Contest/Festival band music has been reviewed at this time. We will be reviewing and adding additional titles regularly. We appreciate your support! Questions?

Free Features

We hope that you will decide to support We have tried to provide useful information and resources to benefit all music educators and school programs. Some of the free benefits of are listed below.

  1. You can browse any of the over 1,300 contest and festival titles in our music database (Grades 1-5) that will contain as much of the following information as possible: Title, Composer/Arranger, Publisher, Texas UIL Grade, Contest Code (for Texas UIL), availability information, and performance times.
  2. You will be able to view and leave comments and suggestions about any of the contest selections in our database. We encourage band directors to share their experiences to help other band directors, especially new directors, to help make music education successful for everyone. Note that all comments will be previewed and approved by before they are posted.
  3. Where possible, we have provided links to that will have some additional information about the contest selections. Note that Members of will have access to much more detailed information along with advanced search tools to help find the right music for your program and students.